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574798P Fisher & Paykel Oven Flat Shelf

574798P Fisher & Paykel Oven Flat Shelf

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574798P Fisher & Paykel Oven Flat Shelf

574798P is number 6 on the diagram. The diagram is from model OB90S9LEX1 (81941-A).

Models this part suits:

OB90S9LEX1 (81941-A), OB90S9LEX1 (81941-B), OB90S9MEPX2 (80824-B), OB90S9MEPX3 (81026-A), OB90S9MEPX3 (81026-B), OB90S9MEPX3 (81545-A), OB90S9MEPX3 (81677-A), OB90S9MEPX3 (81677-B), OB90S9MEX1 (80863-A), OB90S9MEX1 (80863-B), OB90S9MEX3 (81025-A), OB90S9MEX3 (81025-B), OB90S9MEX3 (81544-A), OB90S9MEX3 (81675-A), OB90S9MEX3 (81675-B), OR90SDBGFPX1 (80868-A), OR90SDBGFPX1 (80868-B), OR90SDBGFX2 (80808-A), OR90SDBGFX2 (80808-B), OR90SDBGFX2 (80808-C), OR90SDBGFX3 (80866-A), OR90SDBGFX3 (80866-B), OR90SDBSIPX1 (80869-A), OR90SDBSIPX1 (80869-B), OR90SDBSIX1 (80809-A), OR90SDBSIX1 (80809-B), OR90SDBSIX2 (80867-A), OR90SDBSIX2 (80867-B), and possibly more.

NOTE: This is a special order and will be available for pickup or delivery between 3-7 working days.

Give us a call on 0863907132 if you are not sure about this part. 

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