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574600 Fisher & Paykel Oven Multi Function Selector Switch

574600 Fisher & Paykel Oven Multi Function Selector Switch

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574600 Fisher & Paykel Oven Multi Function Selector Switch

574600 is number 8 on the diagram (2nd last photo). The diagram is from model OB60B77CEW3 (81474-A).

Models this part suits:

OB60B77CEW1, OB60B77CEW2, OB60B77CEW3, OB60B77CEX1, OB60B77CEX2, OB60B77CEX3, OB60B77DEM1, OB60B77DEM2, OB60B77DEX1, OB60B77DEX2, OB60B77DEX3, OB60BCEW3, OB60BCEX3, OB60BCEX4, OB60BDEM3, OB60BDEX3, OB60DDEM1, OB60DDEM2, OB60DDEM3, OB60DDEX1, OB60DDEX2, OB60DDEX3, OB60DDEX4, OB60NCEX1, OB60NDEX1, OB60NDEX2, OB60S7CEW1, OB60S7CEX1, OB60SCEW4, OB60SCEX3, OB60SCEX4, OB60SLEX1, OR60SDBGFX2, OR60SDBGX1, OR60SDBSX1, OR60SDBSX2, OR90SDBGFX2, OR90SDBSIX1, OR90SDBSX2, OB60B77CEW1 (80608-A), OB60B77CEW2 (80736-A), OB60B77CEW3 (80821-A), OB60B77CEW3 (80821-B), OB60B77CEW3 (81474-A), OB60B77CEX1 (80611-A), OB60B77CEX2 (80746-A), OB60B77CEX3 (80832-A), OB60B77CEX3 (80832-B), OB60B77CEX3 (81477-A), OB60B77DEM1 (80609-A), OB60B77DEM2 (80737-A), OB60B77DEX1 (80610-A), OB60B77DEX2 (80738-A), OB60B77DEX3 (80822-A), OB60B77DEX3 (80822-B), OB60B77DEX3 (81475-A), OB60BCEW3 (80730-A), OB60BCEX3 (80731-A), OB60BDEM3 (80733-A), OB60BDEX3 (80732-A), OB60DDEM1 (80549-A), OB60DDEM2 (80643-A), OB60DDEM3 (80735-A), OB60DDEX1 (80548-A), OB60DDEX2 (80642-A), OB60DDEX3 (80734-A), OB60DDEX4 (80823-A), OB60DDEX4 (80823-B), OB60DDEX4 (80832-A), OB60DDEX4 (81476-A), OB60NCEX1 (80649-A), OB60NDEX1 (80650-A), OB60NDEX2 (80816-A), OB60S7CEW1 (85116-A), OB60S7CEX1 (85115-A), OB60SCEW4 (80817-A), OB60SCEW4 (80817-B), OB60SCEX3 (80729-A), OB60SCEX4 (80818-A), OB60SCEX4 (80818-B), OB60SCEX4 (81547-A), OB60SLEX1 (80968-A), OR60SDBGFX2 (80835-A), OR60SDBGFX2 (80835-B), OR60SDBGFX2 (81552-A), OR60SDBGFX2 (81552-B), OR60SDBGFX2 (81552-C), OR60SDBGX1 (80474-A), OR60SDBGX1 (80474-B), OR90SDBGFX2 (80808-A), OR90SDBGFX2 (80808-B), OR90SDBGFX2 (80808-C), OR90SDBSIX1 (80809-A), OR90SDBSIX1 (80809-B), OR90SDBSIX2 (80867-A), OR90SDBSIX2 (80867-B), OR60SDBSX1 (80476-A), OR60SDBSX2 (80834-A), OR60SDBSX2 (80834-B), OR60SDBSX2 (81551-A), OR60SDBSX2 (81551-B), and possibly more.

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