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488922 Asko, Gorenje Oven Tubular Fan Forced Heating Element 230V 2100W

488922 Asko, Gorenje Oven Tubular Fan Forced Heating Element 230V 2100W

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488922 Asko, Gorenje Oven Tubular Fan Forced Heating Element 230V 2100W

Models this part suits:

B2O737E24X, B2O737E24XG, B3320E, B3520CS, B7455E, BA737EB, BA737EBUK, BA737EX, BA737EXUK, BA758EBG, BC6103AX, BC617E11X, BC6203AW, BC6203AX, BC6306ZX, BC6320AX, BC6320BX, BC636B, BC636S, BC636W, BC636X, BC637E11X, BC637E21XG, BC637E301X, BC637E30X, BC637E31XG-2, BC637E33XG, BC637E37X, BC637E37X-2, BC637TXOT, BC67X, BC68X, BC7106SX, BC7111SX, BC7120AB, BC7120ABR, BC7120AW, BC7120AX, BC7120BX, BC7120PX, BC7120ZX, BC7121AW, BC7121AX, BC7121PX, BC7128BX, BC717E10X, BC71SYW, BC7306SX, BC7311SX, BC7312SX, BC7320SX, BC7321PX, BC7322BX, BC7322PX, BC7328BX, BC7333AX, BC7333BX, BC7345BX, BC7349DX, BC737E28BG, BC737E301BG, BC737E301X, BC737E31XG-2, BC737TXOT, BC7421AX, BC7422AW, BC7422AX, BC7446AX, BC7457ZX, BC7483BX, BC7550AX, BC973X, BC974X, BCI6306ZX, BCI636X, BCI637E301X, BCI637E31X-2, BCI637E31XG-2, BCI637TXOT, BCI7320SW, BCI7320SX, BCI7321SX, BCI737E28BG, BCI737E301X, BCI737E301XG, BCI737TXOT, BCP637E113X, BCP637E28BG, BCP637E301X, BCP637E301XG, BCP637TXOT, BCP637WOT, BCP637XOT, BCP7558AX, BCPI637E10XK, BCPI637E301X, BCPI637E301XG, BCPI637TXOT, BCPS637E301X, BCPSI637E301X, BCS737E301X, BCSI737E301X, BI5221PX, BI5221PXUK, BI5223BB, BI5228PBUK, BI5228PXUK, BI5229PG, BI5229PX, BI5323PG, BI5323PGUK, BK67220IX, BK67220NB, BK67220WH, BK67320IX, BK67320WH, BLG6700IX, BLG6700W, BLG67221IX, BLG67221W, BLG6800IX, BLG6800W, BLG7226IX, BLG7226W, BLG7227IX, BLG7228IX, BLG7228W, BLG7321IX, BLG7321W, BLG7327IX, BLG7327W, BLG7345IX, BO4201AX, BO4203AX, BO4209AX, BO4375AW, BO4375AX GOR, BO4617X, BO4647X, BO6103AW, BO6103AX, BO6120AX, BO6120BX, BO617E10X, BO617E11X, BO617E11XA, BO617E17W, BO617E17X, BO617ORAB, BO617ORAW, BO617ST, BO6185BX, BO627E10X, BO627RB, BO627RW, BO6303AX, BO6306ZX, BO6320AX, BO6321AX, BO6330DB, BO6330DW, BO6330DX, BO6333DB, BO6333DW, BO6333DX, BO6333MG, BO6343AB, BO6343AW, BO6343AX, BO636E11X, BO636E20X, BO636E20XG, BO637E11X, BO637E12XG, BO637E13EA, BO637E13XG, BO637E13XK, BO637E14B, BO637E14W, BO637E21WG, BO637E21XG, and many more.

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