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00641854 Bosch Oven Fan Motor - 00651461

00641854 Bosch Oven Fan Motor - 00651461

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00641854 Bosch Oven Fan Motor - 00651461

00641854 supersedes 00651461 and is number 0319 on the diagram (2nd last photo). The diagram is from model HBA11B150A/01.

Models this part suits:

HBA11B150A/01, HBA13B150A/01, HBA11B150A//02, HBA13B251A/01, HBA11B150A/03, HBA13B251A/02, HBA11B150A/04, HBA13B251A/35, HBA11B150A/05,     HBA13B253A/36, HBA11B150A/45, HBA13B253A/45, HBA11B150A/46                  HBA13B253A/46, HBA11B150A/70, HBA13B253A/70, HBA33B150A/01                     HGD74W455A/01, HBA33B150A/02, HGD74W455A/03, HBA33B150A/03                    HGD74W455A/04, HBA33B150A/35, HGD74W455A/05, HBA33B150A/36                     HGD74W455A/06, HBA33B150A/45, HGD74W455A/07, HBA33B150A/46, HBA33B150A/70, HGV74W355A/01     HGV74W355A/45, HGV74W255A/01, HGV74W355A/03, HGV74W355A/46, HGV74W255A/03, HGV74W355A/04, HGV74W355A/47, HGV74W255A/04, HGV74W355A/05, HGV74W355A/48, HGV74W255A/05, HGV74W355A/06, HGV74W355A/49, HGV74W255A/06, HGV74W355A/07, HGV74W355A/50, HGV74W255A/07, HGV74W355A/08, HGV74W255A/08, HGV74W355A/09, HGV74W255A/09, HGV74W355A/10, HGV74W255A/10, HGV74W355A/11, HGV74W255A/11, HGV74W355A/12, HGV74W255A/12, HGV74W355A/13, HGV74W255A/13, HGV74W355A/14, HGV74W255A/14, HGV74W355A/15, HGV74W255A/15,               HGV74W355A/16, HGV74W255A/16, HGV74W355A/17, HGV74W255A/17,   HGV74W355A/18, HGV74W255A/18, HGV74W355A/19, HGV74W255A/35, HGV74W355A/20, HGV74W255A/45, HGV74W355A/35, HLS78R350A/01                 HXU9AH50A/03, HXU9AH50A/07, HLS78R350A/02, HXU9AH50A/04                   HXU9AH50A/08, HLS78R350A/03, HXU9AH50A/05, HXU9AH50A/09, HLS78R350A/04     HXU9AH50A/06, and possibly more.

Give us a call on 0863907132 if you are not sure about this part. 

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