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7021948 Dishwasher, Washing Machine Single Inlet Valve 90 Degree X 10mm 7Lt Per Min - W035WD

7021948 Dishwasher, Washing Machine Single Inlet Valve 90 Degree X 10mm 7Lt Per Min - W035WD

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7021948 Dishwasher, Washing Machine Single Inlet Valve 90 Degree X 10mm 7Lt Per Min - W035WD

Models this part suits:

DX302WJ*00, DX302SJ*01, DX302WJ*01, DX302SJ*00, SB907SJ*02, SB907WJ*02, SB915KJ*02, SB915SJ*02, SB915WJ*02, DX310SA*01, SB907SJ*09, SB907WJ*09, SB907SJ*10, SB907WJ*10, SB907SJ*03, SB907WJ*03, SB915KJ*03, SB915SJ*03, SB915WJ*03, DX302ISJ*00, DX302ISJ*01, DX302ISJ*03, 8945WW, 8945BK, 8947BK, 8947WW, 8948BK, 8948WW, 8965BK, 8965SB, 8965WW, 8985BK, 8985SB, 8985WW, 8987BK, 8987SB, 8987WW, 8988BK, 8988WW, 8967BK, 8967SB, 8967WW, 8968BK, 8968WW, SB907SJ*05, SB907WJ*05, SB907SJ*06, SB907WJ*06, SB915KJ*08, SB915SJ*08, SB915WJ*08, SB907SJ*07, SB907WJ*07, SB907SJ*08, SB907WJ*08, SB907SJ*04, SB907WJ*04, SB915KJ*04, SB915SJ*04, SB915WJ*04, DX302ISJ*04, DX302ISJ*05, 8915BK, 8915WW, 8917BK, 8917WW, 8952WW, SB915KJ*05, SB915SJ*05, SB915WJ*05, DX102SJ*02, DX102WJ*02, DXCLRIWW*A, DXCLRISB*A, DXCLRFWW*A, SB915KJ*07, SB915SJ*07, SB915WJ*07, 52B870SJ*02, 52B870WJ*02, 52B890SJ*02, 52B890WJ*02, DX102SJ*00, DX102WJ*00, DX100FBS*A, EX302SB*00, EX302WB*00, EX302SB*02, EX302SB*03, EX302WB*02, EX302WB*03, DX102SJ*01, DX102WJ*01, DX300WA*03, SB915KJ*06, SB915SJ*06, SB915WJ*06, SB925SJ*06, 52B850SF*01, 52B850WF*01, 5211864BW*04, 52B9601W*04, 52B850WF*00, 52B950WF*01, 52B950WF*00, 52B980SF*01, 52B980WF*01, SB906B*01, 52B980BW000, 52B960IW000, 52B960BB000, 52B960BW000, 52B880MB000, 52B880BB000, 52B860BB000, 52B860BW000, 52225000, 52227000, 52A906BW, 52B860FW000, 52B860BW*00, 52B862BW000, 52B864BW000, 52B866BW000, 52B868BW000, 52B880BW000, 52B880MW000, 52B960IB000, 52B980BB000, DX302SJ*03, DX302WJ*03, DX302SJ*04, DX302WJ*04, DX302SJ*05, DX302WJ*05, DX302SJ*06, DX302WJ*06, DX302SJ-AA*02, DX302WJ-AA*02, 52B850SJ*05, 52B850WJ*05, 52B850WJ*01, 52B850SJ*02, 52B850WJ*02, 52B850SJ*01, 52B870SJ*06, 52B870WJ*06, 52B870SJ*07, 52B870WJ*07, 52B850SJ*07, 52B850WJ*07, 52B850SJ*06, 52B850WJ*06, EX302SJ*05, EX302WJ*05, 52B850SJ*03, 52B850WJ*03, 52B850SJ*04, 52B850WJ*04, EX500ISB*00, DX102SJ*03, DX102WJ*03, EX500ISC*02, EX500ISB*01, EX500ISC*00, 52B870WJ*08, 52B870SJ*08, EX302SJ*00, EX302WJ*00, EX302SJ*02, EX302WJ*02, EX302SJ*03, EX302WJ*03, EX302SJ*04, EX302WJ*04, 52B890SJ*06, 52B890WJ*06, SB921WH*04, SB920SH, SB921KH, SB921SH, 52B850SH, 52B980SH, 52271000, 52371000, 52571000, 53271000, 53571000, 52235000, 52255000, 52265000, 52275000, 52285000, 52535000, 52555000, 52565000, 52575000, 52585000, 53275000, 53575000, 54551000, 52A860BB, 52A860BW, 52A860FB, 52A866BW, 52A880BB, 52A880BW, 52A880MB, 52A880MW, 52A960BB, 52A960BW, 52A960IB, 52A960IW, 52A980BB, 52A980BW, 52B840BW*00, SB920WE*04, DX500IWW, DX500IBK, DX500ISB, DX500FWW, DX500FBK, DX500FBS, B8552WB, 702, 8821, 8564, 708A, 7057WB, 7057WD, 7058AC, 7057AC, 7058GG, 7058WW, 7059AC, 7059WB, 100S, 250SD, 500E, C8551AC, D8552WB, 7058WB, C8551GG, C8551WB, C8552AC, C8552WB, D8551AC, D8551GG, D8551WB, D8552AC, A8571BB, A8571WW, B8571BB, B8571WW, 8572AM, 8572WG, MILANO, B8551AC, B8551GG, B8551WB, B8552AC, A8829WW, 160, 8841, SB921SH*00, SB920WG*00, SB921WE*04, SB922SH*00, 52B950WH*00, SB921KG*00, 52B850SG, SB905WG*00, SB921SE*04, SB921KE*04, SB920SH*00, 52B980SH*00, SB905WH*00, SB921SG*00, 52B950WG*00, 52B850WG*00, 52B850SF*04, 52B850WF*04, 52B950WF*04, 52B980SF*04, 52B980WF*04, SB920WE*4, SB921KH*00, SB921WH*00, SB920WH*00, 52B980WH*00, 52B850WH*00, 52B850SH*00, SB921WG*00, 52B980SG, 52B980WG*00, SB922SH*01, SB930SH*04, SB921SH*01, SB920WH*01, 2B921WH*04, 52B850WH*04, 52B980WH*01, 52B950WH*01, SB921KH*04, 52B850SH*01, SB905WH*01, SB920WH*04, SB905WH*04, SB930SH*00, 52B985SH*04, 52B980WH*04, SB932SH*00, 52B950WH*04, SB932SH*04, 52B980SH*01, SB931SH*04, SB920SH*01, 52B855SH*04, SB921KH*01, SB931SH*00, SB921WH*01, 52B985SH*00, 52B850WH*01, 52B855SH*00, DX500SA*01, 52B890SJ*03, DX450IWA*01, 52B890WJ*04, 52B870WJ*03, DX150WA*00, DX450KA*01, 52B870WJ*00, DX102SB*01, 52B870SJ*03, DX500SA*00, DX300KA*00, DX500IWA*02, DX450IKA*01, DX500KA*02, 52B890WJ*05, 52B870SJ*05, 52B890WJ*03, DX450IWA*00, DX300SA*00, DX300SA*02, DX450KA*02, DX100SA*00, DX310SA*03, DX302SB*03, SB947AH*00, DX450WA*01, DX500SA*02, DX102WB*02, 52B870SJ*00, 52B890SJ*05, DX500WA*01, DX100WA*00, 52B870WJ*04, EX302SB*01, SB915SJ*01, DX150WA*01, DX100WA*02, DX100SA*01, K100WA*00, DX500KA*00, DX500WA*00, DX450SA*00, DX300WA*00, SB915WJ*01, DX300WA*02, SB915KJ*01, DX450WA*02, DX450SA*01, DX300SA*01, K150WA*02, SB915KJ*00, DX302WB*03, DX302SB*01, 52B850WJ*00, DX500IKA*01, 52B890WJ*00, DX302WB*02, SB915SJ*00, DX500IKA*02, 52B890SJ*00, DX302SB*02, K100WA*03, DX500WA*02, DX100WA*03, DX500IWA*01, DX300WA8)3, SB915WJ*00, DX102SB*02, DX500KA*01, DX100SA*03, DX102WB*01, 52B870WJ*05, DX300WA*01, DX100WA*01, 52B890SJ*04, EX302WB*01, 52B870SJ*04, K150WA*01, DX300KA*01, DX510SA*00, DX102WB*00, K150WA*00, DX302WB*01, K100WA*02, DX310SA*00, K100WA*01, 52B870SJ*01, SB907SJ*00, DX100SA*02, 52B870WJ*01, DX100KA*02, DX100KA*01, 52B890SJ*01, DX500IKA*00, DX302SB*00, DX500IWA*00, 52B890WJ*01, DX450WA*00, DX450IKA*00, DX450KA*00, SB907SJ*01, SB907WJ*00, DX302WB*00, DX100KA*03, SB907WJ*01, DX460SA*00, DX300KA*03, DX450IWA*02, DX300KA*02, DX150WA*02, DX450IKA*02, DX450SA*02, DX100KA*00, 52B850SJ*00, DX102SB*00, 8973WW, 8972WW, 8942WW, 8971WW, 8953WW, 8933WW, 8932WW, 8951WW, 8931WW, 8917WW/BK, DX200FWW, DX200FBK, DX200IWW, 8907WW, 8905WW, 8988BK/WW, 9095BK/SB/WW, 8968BK/WW, 8967BK/SB/WW, 8965BK/SB/WW, 8948BK/WW, 8947BK/WW, 8945BK/WW, 8957WW, 8956WW, 8955WW, DX450FBK, DX450ISB, DX450FWW, DX300FBK, DX450IBK, DX450IWW, DX300FBS, DX300FWW, DX300ISB, DX300IBK, DX300IWW, 8916WW, 897BK/SB/WW, 8914WW, 8914SB, 8914BK, DX200IBK, 8913WW, 8913BK, 8904WW, 8915WW/BK, 8903WW, DX100FBK*A, 8935WW, DX100FWW*A, DX100IWW*A, DX150MWW*A, DX150FWW*A, 8941WW, 8937WW, DX150IWW*A, 52B980WF*03, 52B860FW*03, SB920WE*03, 52B860BW*03, 52B860BC*02, 52B860BC*03, 52B860FW*02, SB921KE*03, 52B864BW*02, 52B864BW*03, 52B866BW*02, 52B866BW*03, 52B868BW*02, 52B868BW*03, 52B880BW*02, 52B860BW*02, 52B880BC*02, SB921WE*03, 52B880MW*02, 52B880MW*03, 52B880MC*02, 52B880MC*03, 52B960BB*02, 52B960BB*03, 52B960BW*03, 52B960BW*04, 52B960IB*02, 52B960IB*03, 52B960IW*03, 52B960IW*04, 52B966BW*00, 52B966BW*01, 52B980BB*02, 52B862BW*02, 52B980BW*03, 52B980BW*04, 529960BE*00, SB921SE*03, 50B881BW*00, 50B881BW*01, 50B961BE*00, 50B961BE*01, 50B961BC*00, 50B961BC*01, 50B961BW*00, 50B961BW*01, 50B961IW*00, 50B961IW*01, 52B961IC*00, 52B961IC*01, 52B981BW*00, 52B961BW*01, SA904B*00, SA904B*01, SA904B*02, SA904B*03, SA904B*04, SA906BE*00, SA906BE*01, SA906BE*02, SA906BE*03, SA908B*00, SA908B*01, 52B880BW*03, SA908B*03, 52B900BC*00, 52B900IC*01, 52B900IC*02, 50B861W*00, 52B862BW*03, 50B86BW*01, 52B900IW*02, 52B900IW*03, 52B900BC*01, 52B900BC*02, 52B900BC*03, 52B900BW*00, 52B900BW*01, 52B900BW*02, 52B900BW*03, 52B900IC*00, 52B970WD*00, 52B971WD*00, SB910WD*00, SB911KD*00, SB911WD*00, SB912WD*00, SA906BE*04, SA906BE*05, SA906BE*06, SB904B*01, SB904B*02, SB908B*01, 52B860BW*04, 52B860FW*04, 52B860MW*01, 52B862BW*04, 52B864BW*04, 52B866BW*04, 52B860BW*05, 52B860FW*05, 52B960BW*05, 52B966BW*02, 52B964BW*01, 52B860BW*06, 52B860FW*06, 52B860MW*02, 52B862BW*05, 52B864BW*05, 52B866BW*05, 52B964BW*02, 52B966BW*03, 52B900BC*04, 52B900BW*04, 52B900IC*04, 52B900IW*04, 52B900BC*05, 52B900BW*05, 52B900IC*05, 52B900IW*05, 50B861BW*02, 50B881BW*03, 50B881BW*02, 50B961BE*02, 50B961BW*02, 50B961IE*00, 50B961IW*02, 50B981BW*02, SB905WE*00, SB920WE*00, SB921WE*00, SB921KE*00, 52B972WE*00, 52B972WE*01, SA908B*02, 52B980BB*03, 52B840BW*03, 52B850SF*00, 52B85WF*00, 52B95WF*00, 52B980SF*00, 52B980WF*00, SB905WE*03, 52B900IC*03, 52B900IW*00, 52B880BC*03, 52B900IW*01, 52B950WF*03, 52B980SF*03, 52B840BW*02, 52B840BW*01, 52B850WF*03, 52B850WF*02, 52B850SF*03, 52B850SF*02, and possibly more.

This part also suits many Washing Machine models (under W035)

Give us a call on 0863907132 if you are not sure about this part.

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