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SE222RS Oven Stove Robertshaw Hot Surface Igniter

SE222RS Oven Stove Robertshaw Hot Surface Igniter

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SE222RS Oven Stove Robertshaw Hot Surface Igniter

This part number is equivalent to 0673001045, 5303935066, 3186491

Replacement for: 08013883, 316030600, 3203706, 5303131300, 5303207520, 5308009420, 814269, 4363351, 482-224, 1482-225, 551207, 7432P025-60, 7432P026-60, 7432P051-60K, 7432P052-60, 7432P062-60, 7432P067-60, GR407, GR412, 41-407, 41-203, SE242E, SE242G, P205-013, P215-017, P205-036, 205-016, 180-2A216, 88, 316T023P11, 316T031P01, 316T031, 9205-034

Models this part suits:

GOL472SLP, GOL472S, GOL472SLP*22, GOL472SNG, GOL472SNG*22, GOL472WLP, GOL472WLP*22, GOL472WNG, GOL472W, GOL472WNG*22, GOL476KLP, GOL476K, GOL476KLP*22, GOL476KNG, GOL476K, GOL476KNG*22, GOL476SLP, GOL476S, GOL476SLP*22, GOL476SNG, GOL476S, GOL476SNG*22, GOL476WLP, GOL476W, GOL476WLP*22, GOL476WNG, GOL476W, GOL476WNG*22, GWH472S*00, GWH476K*00, GWH476S*00, GWH476W*00, GWH540KLP*00, GWH540KNG*00, GWH540SLP*00, GWH540SNG*00, GWH540WLP*00, GWH540WNG*00, GWH645KLP*00, GWH645KLP*02, GWH645KNG*00, GWH645KNG*02, GWH645SLP*00, GWH645SLP*02, GWH645SNG*00, GWH645SNG*02, GWH645WLP*00, GWH645WLP*02, GWH645WNG*00, GWH645WNG*02, GWH745KLP*00, GWH745KNG*00, GWH745SLP*00, GWH745SNG*00, GWH745WLP*00, GWH745WNG*00, GXL540SLP, GXL540S, GXL540SNG, GXL540S, GXL540WLP, GXL540W, GXL540WNG, GXL540W, GXL650KLP, GXL650K, GXL650KNG, GXL650K, GXL650SLP, GXL650S, GXL650SNG, GXL650S, GXL650WLP, GXL650W, GXL650WNG and possibly more.

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