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795210620 Omega, Smeg Oven Fan Motor - OVK03

795210620 Omega, Smeg Oven Fan Motor - OVK03

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795210620 Omega, Smeg Oven Fan Motor - OVK03

795210620 supersedes 10777, 699250044, 699250070, 699250073, 795210954, 1656078, 1772104, 1795549, 1617946, 1886180, 3040411 and is number 56616 on the diagram (2nd last photo). The diagram is from model SA9065XNG (730086-A).

Models this part suits:

OF601XA, OF601XZ, OF602XZ, OF902XZ, OFGE9MXA, OFGG7GVXA, SCA706X, SA9010X, SAC399X-8, SFPA309X, SCA504X, SA306X-8, SA20XMFR8, SA990XR, C7GVXA8, SA578X9, SCA712-3, SFA304X, SA9065XS, SCA708X, SA561X-9, SA990XR-8, SCA506X, SCA710X, SA504X, SAP112-8, OF902XA, SA280X, OF901XA, C6GVXA8, SAP306X-9, SA304X-8, SA308X-8, DOSCA36X, C91GMXAT, C6GMXA8, C9GMXA, C9CMXA, OF602XA, A11X-5, SA995XR-5, A11CER-5, SA1010MFX, FS61XNG, FS60WHNG, SA9066XS, SA9065XNG, OF901XZ, FS61XNG8, FS9010XS, A11X-6, and possibly more.

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