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NLS 30600 Weatherproof Double GPO 10 Amp

NLS 30600 Weatherproof Double GPO 10 Amp

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NLS 30600 Weatherproof Double GPO 10 Amp

Weatherproof double power points are a perfect addition to your outdoor area, they can be used for lighting, fans, barbeque motors, outdoor fridges and for general use outlets
A good idea is to also switch the outdoor power points from an inside switch - so you can use the power point to power up landscape lighting or pond fountains etc.
Weatherproof GPO's are normally installed at least 400mm from the ground or floor outdoors.


    Double 10amp outlet
    Large Terminals
    Cable entries: Left side 1 x 25mm, right side 1 x 25mm, Top 1x25mm threaded, bottom 2 x 25mm, Rear 1 x 25mm & 2 x 20mm knock outs
    Mounting Box size
        Height(mm)  85
        Length(mm) 115
        Depth(mm) 45
    Overall size with outlet and base
        Depth(mm) 83mm
    New look and compact design
    Fully tested and compliant to AS/NZS 3112 & 3113 standards
    IP53 rating prevents water and dust ingress

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