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EPTWFU01-WF Electrolux Fridge Water Filter

EPTWFU01-WF Electrolux Fridge Water Filter

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EPTWFU01-WF Electrolux Fridge Water Filter

For a water filter with air filter. refer to 242047806

Models this part suits:

Electrolux: EHE6899SA, EBE5367SA, EHE6899SCA, EBE5367SB, EHE5267SB, EHE6899BA, EHE5267BB, EBE5367SC, ERE5047SC, EHE5267BC, EHE6899*, EQE6870BA, EQE6870SA, ERE5047SC, EHE5267BC, EHE5267SC, EBE5367SC

Westinghouse: WSE6870SA, WHE6060SA, WBE5360SA, WHE7074SA, WSE6170SA, WHE6874SA, WQE6170SA, WQE6060BA, WQE6060SA, WQE6060BB, WHE5264SC, WQE6870BA, WHE6874BA, WQE6870SA WQE6870*SA, WQE6060SB, WHE6060SB, WHE6170BB, WHE6270BB

Frigidare: FPBC2277RF, FPBC2277RF0, FPBC2277RF1, FPBC2277RF2, FPBC2277RF3, FPBG2277RF, FPBG2277RF0, FPBS2777RF, FPBS2777RF0, FPBS2777RF1, FPBS2777RF2, FPBS2777RF3, FPBS2777RF4, FPSC2277RF0, FPSS2677RF0

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