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0122004537 Chef, Westinghouse Oven Grill Heating Element Grill Element 1800W 240V - EF20.35168.000, 4055548830, 0122004538

0122004537 Chef, Westinghouse Oven Grill Heating Element Grill Element 1800W 240V - EF20.35168.000, 4055548830, 0122004538

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0122004537 Chef, Westinghouse Oven Grill Heating Element Grill Element 1800W 240V - EF20.35168.000 - 403MM X 356MM

This part number is superseded by 4055561445

Models this part suits:

CFE535WB 94000189117 CFE533WB 94000189217 WFE517SA 94000182426 WFE619WA 94000183126 WFE619SA 94000183026 WLE625WA 94000181825 PAK501RS*59 PAK501R*59 PAK161B*59 WLE533WA 94000180025 WLE547WA 94000180525 WLE537WA 94000180425 WLE527WA 94000180325 WLE535WA 94000180125 WLE525WA 94000180225 CLE527WB 94000189500 WFE647SA 94000182724 WFE547SA 94000182324 CFE547WB 94000188901 CFE547SB 94000189001 940001889 940001890 94000183024 94000182424 94000182323 94000180023 CFG517WBNG 94000188201 CFG517WBLP 94000188101 CFG517SBNG 94000188001 CFG517SBLP 94000187901 940001882 940001881 940001880 940001879 94000180523 94000180423 94000180323 94000180123 94000180223 94000182423 94000189101 940001891 CFE537WB 94000188801 940001888 94000189201 940001892 DSN635S DSN635W DSN635W*32 PAK140W PAK143W PAK144W PAK161B PAK161B*02 PAK501R PAK501R*03 PAK501RS PAK501RS*03 PAK140W*32 PAK143W*32 PAK144W*32 PAK161B*32 PAK501R*32 PAK501RS*32 PAK140W*35 PAK143W*35 PAK144W*35 PAK161B*35 PAK501R*35 PAK140W*52 PAK143W*52 PAK144W*52 PAK161B*52 PAK501R*52 PAK501RS*52 PAK140W*53 PAK144W*53 PAK161B*53 PAK501R*53 PAK501RS*53 EUEE63CS EUEE63CS*02 PON667S PON667W PON668S PON668W POP667S POP667W POP668S POP668W POP667S*02 POP667W*02 POP668W*02 POP668S*02 EBC5201W*53 EBC5211W*53 EBC5231W*53 EBC5241W*53 EBC5261W*53 EBC5271W*53 PON667S*40 PON667W*40 PON668S*40 PON668W*40 PXN698S PXN698W PXN698W*32 PGP657S PGP657W PGP659S PGP659W PXP698S GSP625SLP PXP698W GSP625SNG GSP627SLP GSP627SNG GSP625WLP PXP698S*02 GSP625WNG PXP698W*02 POP883S EBC5201W*41 EBC5211W*41 EBC5231W*41 EBC5211W*36 EBC5231W*36 EBC5271W*36 PGR657S PGR657W PGR659S PGR659W EPEE63AS*42 GSN625SLP GSN625SNG GSN625WLP GSN625WLP*32 GSN625WNG GSN625WNG*32 GSN627SLP GSN627SNG POPS668S*02 POPS668W*02 PXN698S*40 PXN698W*40 EPEE63AS EOC644S*40 EOC644W*40 EBC5201W*32 EBC5211W*32 EBC5241W*32 EBC5231W*32 EBC5261W*32 EBC5271W*32 POPS668S POPS668W PGN657S*40 PGN657W*40 DSP635S DSP635W PGN659S*40 PGN659W*40 PDN790S PDN790W GGR475SLP GGR475SNG GGR475WLP GGR475WNG PXN698S*38 PXN698W*38 EXC614S*42 EOC614S EXC614W*42 4U600W*39 MERCURY 4U600W*39 4U601W*39 COLUMBO 4U601W*39 4U602W*39 NEPTUNE 4U602W*39 4U603W*39 SATURN 4U603W*39 4U603W*40 SATURN 4U603W*40 4U604W*39 GEMINI 4U604W*39 4U604W*40 GEMINI 4U604W*40 4U605W*39 POLARIS 4U605W*39 4U605W*40 POLARIS 4U605W*40 4U606W*39 APOLLO 4U606W*39 4U606W*40 APOLLO 4U606W*40 4U608W*39 ALPHA 4U608W*39 4U608W*40 ALPHA 4U608W*40 4U609W*39 JUPITER 4U609W*39 PGP657S*02 PDP790S*04 PGP657W*02 GSP625SLP*60 PGP659S*02 PGP659W*02 PDP790W*04 GSP625SNG*60 GSP627SLP*60 GSP627SNG*60 GSP625WLP*60 GSP625WNG*60 EOC614W EOC644W EOC644S EBC5201W EBC5211W EBC5231W EBC5241W EBC5261W EBC5271W PSN632S*40 PSN632W*40 EUEE63AS*40 EOEE62AS*47 EOEE63AS*47 4U600W*01 MERCURY 4U600W*01 4U601W*01 COLUMBO 4U601W*01 4U602W*01 NEPTUNE 4U602W*01 4U603W*01 SATURN 4U603W*01 4U604W*01 GEMINI 4U604W*01 4U605W*01 POLARIS 4U605W*01 4U606W*01 APOLLO 4U606W*01 4U608W*01 ALPHA 4U608W*01 4U609W*01 JUPITER 4U609W*01 PPN778S*46 PPN778W*46 EOC614S*04 EOC614W*04 EOC614W*32 EOC644S*04 EOC644W*04 EOC644W*32 PSP632S*60 PSP632W*60 PDN794S PDN794W EGC624S*40 EGC624W*40 EGC634S*40 EGC634W*40, and possibly more.

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