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00610147 Bosch Washing Machine Door Interlock - BO107

00610147 Bosch Washing Machine Door Interlock - BO107

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00610147 Bosch Washing Machine Door Interlock - BO107

00610147 is number 0215 on the diagram (2nd last photo). The diagram is from model WAE18060AU/11.

Models this part suits:

WAE20261AU, WAE18060, WAE18060AU, WAE18060AU/01, WAE18060AU/04, WAE18060AU, WAE18060AU/09, WAE18060AU/11, WAE18061AU, WAE18061AU, WAE18061AU/21, WAE20060AU, WAE20060AU/01, WAE20060AU, WAE20060AU/09, WAE20060AU/11, WAE20260AU, WAE20260AU, WAE20260AU/06, WAE20260AU/09, WAE20260AU/11, WAE2026, WAE20261AU/01, WAE22260AU, WAE22260AU/01, WAE22260AU, WAE22460AU, WAE22460AU/01, WAE22460AU/09, WAE22460AU/, WAE22460AU/13, WAE22461AU, WAE22461AU/01, WAE22462A, WAE22462AU/01, WAE22462AU/24, WAE22462AU/29, WAE2246, WAE22463AU/01, WAE22463AU/24, WAE22464AU, WAE22464AU, WAE22464AU/25, WAE22464AU/26, WAE22464AU/27, WAE22464, WAE22464AU/30, WAE22464AU/32, WAE22464AU/33, WAE22464, WAE24270AU, WAE24270AU/01, WAE24270AU/06, WAE24270AU, WAE24460AU/01, WAE24460AU/09, WAE24460AU/11, WAE24460, WAE24463AU/01, WAE24463AU/12, WAE24463AU/24, WAE24463, WAE26470AU/01, WAE26470AU/09, WAE26470AU/11, WAE26470, WAE20261AU/01, WAE24272AU/29, WAE20262AU/01, WAE24462, WAE24272AU/01, WAE20262AU/29, WAE22462AU/24, WAE22463, WAE22464AU/29, WAE22464AU/32, WAE24462AU/29, WAE22462, WFL1880, WFL1880AU/01, WFL1880AU/20, WFL1880AU/26, WFL2400AU/30, and possibly more.

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