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ADQ73334010 LG Fridge Air Filter Square - LT120F

ADQ73334010 LG Fridge Air Filter Square - LT120F

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ADQ73334010 LG Fridge Air Filter Square - LT120F

Models this part suits:

GF-V706MBLC, GF-V706BSLC, GF-V570MBLC, GC-B247ESL, GC-D247SL, GC-L247ENSL, GC-P247ESL, GF-5D712BSL, GF-5D712SL, GF-5D906SL, GF-5L712PL, GF-6D725BGL, GF-AD701BSL, GF-AD701SL, GF-AD910SL, GF-B590MBL, GF-B590PL, GF-D708BSL, GF-D708MBSL, GF-D725BML, GF-L570MBL, GF-L570PL, GF-L677SL, GF-L708PL, GF-SD730SL, GF-SL730SL, GF-V570MBL, GF-V708BSL, GF-V708MBSL, GF-V910MBLC, GF-V910MBSL, GF-VB590MBL, GP-5D906BSL, GR-5D725SL, GR-5D951L, GR-D257SL, GR-D730SL, GR-D907SL, GR-L730SL, GS9366AEAV, GS-B655MBL, GS-B655PL, GS-B655WL, GS-B679PL, GS-D635MBLC, GS-D635PLC, GS-D665BSL, GS-D665PL, GS-L635MBL, GS-L635PL, GS-L668PL, GS-M678PL, GS-N635MBL, GS-N635PL, GS-V635MBLC, GS-V635PLC, GS-V665MBL, GS-V665PL, GS-VB655MBL, GS-VB655PL, GW-S6038AC, and possibly more.

Give us a call on 0863907132 if you are not sure about this part.

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