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6602-001497 Samsung Front Load Washing Machine Drive Belt 5PJ1270E

6602-001497 Samsung Front Load Washing Machine Drive Belt 5PJ1270E

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6602-001497 Samsung Front Load Washing Machine Drive Belt 5PJ1270E

Models this part suits:

Samsung: WD10J8420GW SA/0000, WD12J8400GW EU/0000, WD7704C8CX SA/0000, WD-J1255CX SA/0000, WF1104XACX SA/0000, WF1104XACX SA/0001, WF1104XACX SA/0002, WF1104XACX SA/0003, WF1104XACX SA/0004, WF1104XACX SA/0005, WF1104XBCX SA/0000, WF1104XBCX SA/0001, WF1104XBCX SA/0002, WF1104XBCX SA/0003, WF1752WPCX SA/0000, WF1752WPCX SA/0001, WF1752WPWX SA/0000, WF1752WPWX SA/0001, WF1804WPCX SA/0000, WF1804WPCX SA/0001, WF756UMSAWQ SA/0000, WF7700N6W1X SA/0000, WF7700N6WX SA/0000, WF7704S8VX SA/0000, WF7708N6W1X SA/0000, WF7708N6WX SA/0000, WF80F5E5UHW SA/0000, WF856UHSAGD SA/0000, WF856UHSAWQ SA/0000, WF8602NHSX FA/0000, WF8750LSW1X SA/0000, WF8750LSW1X SA/0001, WF8750LSWX SA/0000, WF8750LSWX SA/0001, WF8802RPF1X SA/0000, WF8802RPFX SA/0000, WF8802RPFX SA/0001, WF8802RPFX SA/0002, WF8802RSW1X SA/0000, WF8802RSWX SA/0000, WF8802RSWX SA/0001, WF8802RSWX SA/0002, WF-J1061EX SE/0000, WW10H8430EW SA/0000, WW11K8412OW SA/0000, WW11K8412OWSA/0001, WW11K8412OWSA/0002, WW11R64FU0MSA/0000, WW65J3263IWNZ/0000, WW70J4233KWSA/0000, WW75H5240EWSA/0000, WW75H5290EWSA/0000, WW75H5400EWSA/0000, WW75J4213IWSA/0000, WW75J4213IWSA/0001, WW75J4213IWTC/0000, B1045IWXSA/0000, B1245AVWX SA/0000,  J1043IW1XSA/0000, J1043IWXSA/0000, J1045AVW1XSA/0000, J1045AVW1XSA/000R, J1045AVWXSA/0000, J1045IW1XSA/0000, J1045IWXSA/0000, J1255AVIWXSA/0000, J1255IWXSA/0000, J1455AVIW1XSA/0000, J1455AVIWXSA/0000, J845IW1XSA/0000, J845IWXSA/0000, WW75J4233GWSA/0000, WW75J5210IWSA/0000, WW75J54E0IWSA/0000, WW75J54E0IWSA/0001, WW75K5210WWSA/0000, WW75K54E0UWSA/0000, WW75K54E0UWSA/0001, WW80H5270EWSA/0000, WW80J4413IWSA/0000, WW85H5400EWSA/0000, WW85H7410EWSA/0000, WW85H7410EWSA/0001, WW85H7410EWSA/0002, WW85J5410IWSA/0000, WW85J5410IWSA/0001, WW85J54E0IWSA/0000, WW85J54E0IWSA/0001, WW85K5410WWSA/0000, WW85K5410WWSA/0001, WW85K54E0UWSA/0000, WW85K54E0UWSA/0001, WW85K6410QXSA/0000, WW85K6410QXSA/0001, WW85T504DAESA/0000, WW85T554DAWSA/0000, WW85T554DAWSA/0051

Bosch: WTA3100GB/01, WTA3100GB/02, WTA3100GB/05, WTA3100GB/06, WTA3100GB/07, WTA3100GB/09, WTA310LGB/07, WTA310LGB/09, WTA3200GB/01, WTA3200GB/02, WTA3200GB/04, WTA3200GB/06, WTA3200GB/09, WTA3400GB/01, WTA3500GB/01, WTA3500GB/02, WTA3500GB/04, WTA3500GB/06, WTA3500GB/08, WTA3600GB/01, WTE5820GB/01, WTE5820GB/02, WTE5820GB/04, WTE5820GB/08, WTE6920GB/01, WTL5100GB/05, WTL5100GB/07, WTL5100GB/09, WTL5100GB/11, WTL5200GB/02, WTL5201GB/04, WTL5201GB/09, WTL527SGB/04, WTL527SGB/09, WTL5400GB/01, WTL5400GB/02, WTL5400GB/04, WTL5400GB/08, WTL5500GB/01, WTL5600GB/01, WTL5600GB/02, WTL6100GB/01

Indesit: WDG1095GH(G) , WDG1095WG , WDG985BG , WDG985WG , WDN1079WG , WDN966BG , WDN966WG , WDS1000UK , WG1030G , WG1033TG , WG1034TG , WG1085WG , WG1086G , WG1130TG , WG2020WG , WN1060WG/2 , WN1063WG , WN1072WR/2 , WN1080WG , WN1096BG , WN1096WG

Philco: L103RX L1046RX LA1036 LAP1046 L82RX PA207 PA2107DBS PA2197DDS PD297 RWM1262 RWM832SI W112RE W135RLE WD1109AL WD1190SE WD1209SE WD2000DB WDC133 WD1898 WM1000E WM1200AL WM1210DB WM1300 WM1300SE WM1891 WM1894 WM2001SLT WM850 WM850E 7106 7107 7107V1 7107V2.

Ocean: S900

Give us a call on 0863907132 if you are not sure about this part.

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