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561640 Fisher & Paykel Oven Door Seal

561640 Fisher & Paykel Oven Door Seal

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561640 Fisher & Paykel Oven Door Seal

Models this part suits:

OB60SC7CEPX2 81741-A, 81741-B, 81747-A, 81747-B, OB60SC7CEPX1 81490-A, 81490-B, 80975-A, 80975-B, 80975-C, OB60SC7CEW2 81743-A, OB60SC7CEX2 81742-A OB60SC7CEW1 81494-A, 80979-A, 80979-B, OB60SC7CEX1 81485-A, 80948-A, 80948-B, OB60SC7LEX1 81491-A, 80976-A, 80976-B, OB60SC7VEW1 81506-A, OB60SC7VEX1 81505-A, OB60SC7VEW1 81115-A, 81115-B, OB60SC7VEX1 81114-A, 81114-B, OB60SC5CEX1 81495-A, 80980-A, 80980-B, OB60SC5CEX2 81748-A, OB60SC5CEW1 81496-A, 80981-A, 80981-B, OB60SC5LCX1 81493-A, 80978-A, 80978-B, AA OB60SC8DEPX2 81739-A, 81739-B, OB60SC9DEPX1 81483-A, 81483-B, 80946-A, 80946-B, 80946-C, OB60SC9DEX1 81484-A, 80947-A, 80947-B, 80947-C, OB60SC11DEPX1 81504-A, 81504-B, 81113-B, 81113-C

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