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1445804 Electrolux, Westinghouse Fridge Door Close Thimble - Big

1445804 Electrolux, Westinghouse Fridge Door Close Thimble - Big

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1445804 Electrolux, Westinghouse Fridge Door Close Thimble - Big

For the small version, go to 1442282

Models this part suits:

ERE6070SX-XE (920404153), ERE6100SV-XE (920404150), ERE6100SV-XT (925042157), ERE6100SX-X (925042633), ERE6100SX-XE (920404149), ERE6100SX-XPH (925042427), ERE6100SX-XSA (925042633), ERE6100SX-XT (925042156), ERM3700WA*00, ESE6077SA, ESE6077SA*06, ESE6077SC, ESE6077SF*00, ESE6077SG (925042817), ESE6078WA, ESE6078WA*05, ESE6078WA*06, ESE6078WA*4, ESE6107SA*00, ESE6107SA*03, ESE6107SA*04, ESE6107SA*12, ESE6107SC*00, ESE6107SF*00, ESE6107SG*00, ESE6108WA*00, ESE6108WA*03, ESE6977SC, HSE6070SB-XE (925042566), KSM6100MB, KSM6100PF (925042667), KSM6100WB, KSM6100WF (925042668), WSE6100WA, WSE6070PB, WSE6070PB*06, WSE6070PB*07, WSE6070SA*00, WSE6070SA*2, WSE6070SA*4, WSE6070SB, WSE6070SB*06, WSE6070SB*07, WSE6070SF*00, WSE6070SF (925042654), WSE6070WA*00, WSE6070WA*4, WSE6070WB, WSE6070WB*06, WSE6070WB*07, WSE6070WF*00, WSE6070WF (925042655), WSE6100PA*00, WSE6100PA*03, WSE6100PA*06, WSE6100PA*07, WSE6100PF (925042656), WSE6100SA*00, WSE6100SA*03, WSE6100SA*04, WSE6100SA*05, ESE6977SF*00, ESE6977SF (925042665), ESE6977SG (925042819), ESE7007BA*00, ESE7007SC*00, ESE7007SF*00, ESE7007SG (925042821), SSM6100MA*00, SSM6100MA*3, SSM6100MB*00, SSM6100WA*00, SSM6100WA*3, SSM6100WB*00, WSE6100SA*06, WSE6100SA*2, WSE6100SF (925042657), WSE6100WA*03, WSE6100WA*06, WSE6100WA*07, WSE6100WF (925042658), WSE6970PA, WSE6970SA, WSE6970SE, WSE6970SF*00, WSE6970SF (925042659), WSE6970WA, WSE6970WE, WSE6970WF*00, WSE6970WF (925042660), WSE7000PA*00, WSE7000SA, WSE7000SE*00, WSE7000SF, WSE7000WA*00, WSE7000WE*00, WSE7000WF (925042662), and possibly more.

Give us a call on 0863907132 if you are not sure about this part.

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