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1443933 Electrolux Westinghouse Fridge Switch Overload Protector

1443933 Electrolux Westinghouse Fridge Switch Overload Protector

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1443933 Electrolux, Westinghouse Fridge Switch Overload Protector

This thermal overload suits Electrolux ZEL GVT66AA Compressor.

Models this part suits:

Electrolux, Westinghouse, Simpson & Kelvinator: RJ443V, RJ395V, RJ423V, RJ393V, RJ443V, RJ445V, SR390B, SR440B, N360J, RJ425V, N390SJ, N420J, N440J, N440SJ, N390SEJ, N420SEJ, N440SEJ, NB380J, NB430J, NB430SJ, N390J, NB430SEJ, BJ384V, BJ434V, BJ383V, BJ385V, BJ433V, BJ435V, SB380C, SB430C, ETM3600WA, ETM3900WA, ETM3900SA, ETM4400WA, ETM4400SA, ETE3900SA, ETE4400SA, EBM3800WA, EBM4300WA, EBM4300SA, EBE3800SA, EBE4300SA, SR390B*01, NB380SEJ, SR390C, SR440C, SBM3800MA, WBM3700WA, WBM3700SA, WBM4000WA, WBM4000SA, SBM3800WA, SBM4300WA, STM3000WA, STM3300WA, STM3600WA, STM3900WA, STM4400WA, STM3000MA, EBM4307SA, ETM4407SA, ETM3600WB, ETM4200WB, ETM4200SB, ETE4200SB, EBM3800WB, EBM4300WB, EBM4300SB, EBE4300SB, WTM2900WB-X, WTM3300WB-X, SBM3800MA*3, SBM3800WA*3, SBM4300WA*3, STM3000MA*3, STM3000WA*3, STM3300WA*3, STM3600WA*3, STM4400WA*3, N360H*08, N410H*08, N360SH*08, N410SH*08, RJ362V, RJ392V, RJ422V, RJ442V, RJ446V, SR440B*01, WCM3200WA, and possibly more.

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