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1441033 Electrolux, Westinghouse Fridge PTC Starter Relay RP342-BJ423T

1441033 Electrolux, Westinghouse Fridge PTC Starter Relay RP342-BJ423T

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1441033 Electrolux, Westinghouse Fridge PTC Starter Relay RP342-BJ423T

Models this part suits:

Westinghouse: WTM3900SB WTM3900WB WTM4200PB WTM4200WB WTM4400WB WTM5200PB WTM5200WB WTE4200SB WTE5200SB WBM3700PB WBM3700SB WBM3700WB WBM4000SB WBM4000WB WBM4300PB WBM4300WB WBM5100PB WBM5100WB WTM2800WB WTM2800PB WTM3300WB WTM3300PB WBM4300PB*07 WBM4300WB*07 WBM5100PB*07 WBM5100WB*07 WTM3900SB*07 WTM3900WB*07 WTM4200PB*07 WTM4200WB*07 WTM4400WB*07 WTM5200PB*07 WTM5200WB*07 WTM3000WB WTM3000PB WRM3700PB WRM3700WB WRM4300SB WRM4300WB WFM3000PB WFM3000WB WFM3600SB WBE4300SB WBE5100SB WTM4404SB-L WTM4404SB-R WTM5204SB-L WTM5204SB-R WCM2100WA WBM4304SBL WBM5104SB-L WBM5104SB-R WRM3700PB WRM3700WB WRM4300SB WRM4300WB WRM4300SA WBM3700WA WBM3700SA WBM4000WA WBM4000SA WBM4304SBR WRM3700PA WTM2900WB-X WTM3300WB-X WFM3600WB, RJ393V RJ362V RJ395V RJ392V RJ423V RJ422V RJ425V RJ446V RJ443V RJ442V RJ445V RJ522V RJ523V RJ526V RJ525V RP372V RP432V, BJ385V BJ433V BJ435V BJ513V BJ515V BJ384V BJ434V BJ514, FD213S*12 FD212ES*01 FD212ES*08 FD212ES*12 FD213S*01 FD213S*08

Electrolux: ETM3600WB ETM4200WB ETM4200SB EBM3800WB EBM4300WB EBM4300SB ETM3600WA ETM3900WA ETM3900SA ETM4400WA ETM4400SA ETM5200WA ETM5200SA EBM3800WA EBM4300WA EBM4300SA EBM5100WA EBM5100SA ERM3701WA EBM4307SA ERM3700WB ERM4300WB ERM3700WA ERM4300WA EBE3800SA EBE4300SA EBE5100SA ETE3900SA ETE4400SA ETE5200SA EBE4300SB ETE4200SB ETM4407SA ERM3707SA EFM3000WA EFM3600WA

Simpson: STM3000WA STM3600WA STM4400WA STM3000WA*3 STM3300WA*3 STM3600WA*3 STM4400WA*3 STM4200WB STM3300WA SBM3800MA SBM5100MA STM3900WB SBM3800WA SBM4300WA SBM3800WB SBM4300WB STM3900MB, SR390C SR440C SR520C SR390B*01 SR440B*01 SR520B*01 SR390B SR440B SR520B SB380C SB430C SB510C STM3000MA SBM3800MA*3 SBM3800MB STM3000MA*3 SBM3800WA*3 SBM4300WA*3

Kelvinator: KTM3600WB KTM3900WB KTM4200WB KTM4400WB KTM5200WB KTM3600WB*07 KTM3900WB*07 KTM4200WB*07 KTM4400WB*07 KTM5200WB*07 N360H*08 N360SH*08 N410H*08 N410SH*08 N520H*08 N520SH*08 N360J N390J N390SJ N420J N440J N440SJ N520J N520SJ NB380J NB430J NB430SJ NB510J NB510SJ C360H*08 C410H*08 C520H*08 N390SEJ N420SEJ N440SEJ N520SEJ NB380SEJ NB430SEJ NB510SEJ KBM3800WB KBM4300WB KBM5100WB KTM3900MB KTM5200MB FN300J KBM5100MB KBM3800MB FJ302V CS370J CS430J KBM3800WB*07 KBM4300WB*07 KBM5100WB*07

Frigidaire: FR377SA

Give us a call on 0863907132 if you are not sure about this part.

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