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1260000101 Technika Oven Door Hinges (Pair)

1260000101 Technika Oven Door Hinges (Pair)

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1260000101 Technika Oven Door Hinges (Pair)

This part number is the replacement of 1739385, 1691852, 1714735, 1875050, BMT095, BMT091, M521260000101, 49005017, 1260000096, EF6A1

This part suits many Technika, Linea, Baumatic, Glemgas, Venini, Loffra & Damani ovens including:

B59FTI, B59ST1, B59MTI/1, BA187SS, L186.2SS, 186SS, B147SS, B156SS-A, B187BL-B, B100BL-A, B151BL-B, B157SS, B187DKW, B100SS-B, B151BL-RO, B175SS, B187DKX, B100W-A, B151SS-B, B178SS, B187NB-B, B101BL, B151W-B, B180B, B187SKBL-B, B102SS, B152SS, B180BL-A, B187SKW-B, B103SS-B, B153SS, B180BL-B, B187W-B, B104.1BL, B153SS-A, B180W-A, B209SS-A, B104.1SS, B155.1SS-A, B180W-B, B230CH-A, B144SS, B155.1SS-B, B187BL-A, B230IT.CH, B710X, BK160W, BOM5201SS, BS100SS-B, BA180W, BK164SS, BOM7100S, BW152SS, BA187BL, BK190W, BOM7101SS, DA158W, BA187W, BK200W, BOM7200SS, HT125X, BC100SS, BOC7010BL, BOM7201SS, L186W, BC145, BOC7010SS, BOM7250SS, P613SS, BC187BL, BOC7010W, BOM7250W, POG4201SS, BC187WH, BOG3100BL, BOM7340CO, POG4201SS-BX, BF120SS, BOG3100SS, BOM9249SS, POG4202SS, BG600SS, BOM5100SS, BOS4110SS, VFFO6SS, BMT095, B59FTI, TB60FSS, B59ST1, B59MTI/1, B59PTIP, B59STIP1, B153SS, B50STIP1, B59FTW, L156.2SS, L156W, L156.3W, L1563W, L186.2SS, L1862SS, L186W, L.186.2W, L186.2W, L1862W, LIO6001, L186SS, VEO6001, GF95, and possibly more.

Give us a call on 0863907132 if you are not sure about this part.

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