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00601996 Bosch Washing Machine Drain Pump Filter Cap

00601996 Bosch Washing Machine Drain Pump Filter Cap

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00601996 Bosch Washing Machine Drain Pump Filter Cap

00601996 supersedes 143994, 144098, and 143995

Most Bosch washing machine models now use 00647920.

Models this part suits:

WVH28490AU, WAP28380AU, WAE20261AU, WAS24460AU/03, WAS32742AU/08, WAE22460AU/01, WAY32540AU/14, WAS32741AU/20, WAW28460AU, WAS32440AU/10, WAS24460AU/04, WAS28440AU/23, WAY32840AU/28, WAE20262AU/01, WAS24460AU/05, WAE20261AU/01, WAE22462AU/29, WM16S740AU/23, WAE20260AU/01, WAE24272AU/01, WAE20262AU/29, WAE24270AU/11, WAS24460AU/06, WAE22463AU/24, WAS28461AU/01, WVH28440AU/06, WAY32540AU/28, WAP24261AU, WAE18061AU/01, WAE18061AU/21, WAE20261AU-WAE20261AU/01, WAE20262AU-WAE20262AU/01, WAE20262AU/29, WAE22461AU-WAE22461AU/01, WAE22462AU/01, WAE22462AU/29, WAE22463AU/01, WAE242691W/04, WAE24271AU/01, WAE24272AU/01, WAE24272AU/29, WAE24461AU/01, WAE24461SN/05, WAE24462AU/01, WAE24462AU/29, WAP28380AU-WAP28380AU/01, WAP28380AU/02, WAP28380AU/03, WAP28380SG/01, WAP28380SG-WAP28380SG/02, WAP28380SG/03, WAP28390FF/01, WAP28480AU/01, WAP28480AU/02, WAP28480AU/03, WAK24160AU/03, WAK24161AU/03, WAK24162AU/03, WAK24220AU/03, WAT24220AU/01, WAT24261AU/01, WAT24261AU/02, WAT24261AU/04, WAT24440AU/04, WAT28440AU/04, and possibly more.

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