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0045001087 Electrolux, Westinghouse Wall Oven Door Hinge - NLA

0045001087 Electrolux, Westinghouse Wall Oven Door Hinge - NLA

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0045001087 Electrolux, Westinghouse Wall Oven Door Hinge - NLA

(This part is no longer available)

Models this part suits:

GGP475SLP, GGP475SLP*01, GGP475SLP*02, GGP475SLP*03, GGP475SNG, GGP475SNG*01, GGP475SNG*02, GGP475SNG*03, GGP475WLP, GGP475WLP*01, GGP475WLP*02, GGP475WLP*03, GGP475WNG, GGP475WNG*01, GGP475WNG*02, GGP475WNG*03, GOP474SLP, GOP474SLP*01, GOP474SLP*02, GOP474SLP*03, GOP474SNG, GOP474SNG*01, GOP474SNG*02, GOP474SNG*03, GOP474WLP, GOP474WLP*01, GOP474WLP*02, GOP474WLP*03, GOP474WNG, GOP474WNG*01, GOP474WNG*02, GOP474WNG*03, GOP476SLP, GOP476SLP*01, GOP476SLP*02, GOP476SLP*03, GOP476SNG, GOP476SNG*01, GOP476SNG*02, GOP476SNG*03, GOP476WLP, GOP476WLP*01, GOP476WLP*02, GOP476WLP*03, GOP476WNG, GOP476WNG*01, GOP476WNG*02, GOP476WNG*03, GSP627SLP, GSP627SLP*03, GSP627SLP*60, GSP627SNG, GSP627SNG*03, GSP627SNG*60, GXP650SLP, GXP650SLP*01, GXP650SLP*02, GXP650SLP*03, GXP650SNG, GXP650SNG*01, GXP650SNG*02, GXP650SNG*03, GXP650WLP, GXP650WLP*01, GXP650WLP*02, GXP650WLP*03, GXP650WNG, GXP650WNG*01, GXP650WNG*02, GXP650WNG*03, PDP790S, PDP790S*02, PDP790S*04, PDP790W, PDP790W*02, PDP790W*04, PDP794S, PDP794S*02, PDP794W, PDP794W*02, PGP659S, PGP659S*02, PGP659W, PGP659W*02, POP667S, POP667S*02, POP667W, POP667W*02, POP668S, POP668S*02, POP668W, POP668W*02, POP783S, POP783S*02, PXP698S, PXP698S*02, PXP698W, PXP698W*02, and possibly more.

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