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00443526 Bosch Oven Fan Forced Element 2100W - 00444514

00443526 Bosch Oven Fan Forced Element 2100W - 00444514

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00443526 Bosch Oven Fan Forced Element 2100W - 00444514

Bosch and Siemens Fan Oven Element - 2100W

Authentic Part Number: 435829, 00435829, Ego 20.41245.000, 2041245000.

Substitutes Previous Part Numbers: 443526, 00443526, 444514, 00444514.

00443526 is number 0301 on the diagram (2nd last photo). The diagram is from model HBA13B150A/46.

Power Rating: 2100Watt, Voltage: 230Volt.

Element Diameter: 194mm. Featuring two loops with dual 6.4mm spade terminals on each end of the element.

Models this part suits:

HBA43B450A/01, HBA63B250A/61, HBA63S451A/45, HBA73B550A/01, HBM43B550A/01,HBG73S550A/45, HBA63B450A/04, HBN43M551A/10, HBA73B550A/05, HB75GU550A/45, HBN131250A/01,HBA13B250A/01, HBA13B250A/07, HBA13B250A/09, HBA13B250A/14, HBA13B250A/35, HBA13B250A/45, HBA13B250A/56, HBA13B252A/35, HBA13B252A/45, HBA13B252A/56, HBA23B150A/04, HBA23B150A/07, HBA23B150A/35, HBA23B150A/45, HBA23B150A/56, HBN131250A/01, HBN111250A/01, HBN101550A/01, HBN101250A/01, HBM43S550A/01, HBM43S550A/45, HBM43S550A/47, HBM43B550A/01, HBM43B550A/08, HBM43B550A/35, HBA43B420A/01, HBA43B420A/07, HBA43B420A/35, HBA43B450A/01, HBA43B450A/07, HBA43B450A/35, HBA63S451A/35, HBA63S451A/45, HBM43B250A/01, HBM43B250A/45, HBM43B250A/47, HBG43S420A/35, HBG43S420A/45, HBG43S420A/55, HBG43S420A/57, HBG43S420A/61, HBA53B450A/01, HBA53B450A/02, HBA53B450A/03, HBA53B450A/04, HBA53B450A/35, HBA63B250A/45, HBA63B250A/61, HBA58T650A/01, HBA58T650A/10, HBA58T650A/13, HBA58T650A/35, HBA56B550A/01, HBA56B550A/08, HBA56B550A/10, HBA541550A/01, HBA541550A/06, HBA541550A/07, HBA541550A/35, HBA53B550A/01, HBA53B550A/07, HBA53B550A/35, HBA53B550B/01, HBA53B550B/04, HBA53B550B/07, HBA53B550B/35, HBG43S450A/35, HBG43S450A/45, HBG43S450A/56, HBG43S450A/57, HBG43S450A/61, HBA73B550A/01,HBA73B550A/02, HBA73B550A/03, HBA73B550A/04, HBA73B550A/05, HBA73B550A/35, HBN73155A/01, HBN58T651A/01, HBN58T650A/01, HBN57T650A/01, HBN540551A/01, HBN540550A/01, HBN540520A/01, HBN540520A/02, HBN43M5511A/10, HBN131551A/01, HBL53B550A/01, HBL53B550A/02, HBL53B550A/07, HBL53B550A/35, HBL53B550A/45, HBL43S450A/45, HBL43S450A/57, HBL43S450A/61, HBG76S650A/45, HBG76S650A/46, HBG73S550A/35, HBG73S550A/45, HBA13B150A/46, and possibly more.

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